It's good to have friends

It's good to have friends. I have friends in all lines of work, not
all of it strictly legal. I guess I should say that I may have
played fast and loose with the law in the past, but who hasn't? It's
all a question of degree. Show me an honest man, and I'll show you
a poor one standing in the same shoes. This world doesn't reward
honesty. That doesn't mean that there's no place for honor, or
decency, or loyalty, but it doesn't pay to play the fool. We live in
a world where a man will be jailed for stealing a can of soup, but
you can run a bank into the ground and ex-presidents will still send
you a card at Christmas. Law and justice aren't the same thing: not
all laws are made to be broken, but some are made to be bent.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not saying that I'm about to
break any laws, but I have a friend to the north who puts some
business my way, and I return the favor when I can. It keeps me
fresh, gives me something to do on those long afternoons when the bar
is quiet. I like to plan. I watch what's going on around me. I'm
careful that way. I look after my friends, and my friends look after

It's good to have friends. It's good the have the right
kind of friends.


Earle said...

Hey Jimmy, why don't you update more often, huh?

Earle said...

Also, what's going on with that Joel kid? We gonna set up a meeting tonight?

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