I headed out to Cape Elizabeth yesterday, and walked the path
that Damien Proctor walked before he killed himself. It wasn't hard
to follow: there's crime scene tape, and footprints, and discarded
coffee containers. Hell, I even found a couple of empty beer cans
and some cigarette butts, so maybe some of his old buddies raised a
toast to him at sunset. I've eaten in his old man's restaurant, and
I knew Damien in a passing way. Terrible that a man should have to
bury his child. Makes me glad that I never had children of my own.
Loneliness is bad, but having a child taken from you, well, that's a
whole lot worse. And I read the newspapers too, so I know that he
isn't the first of our young men and women to take his life in the
aftermath of that war in Iraq. Now, though, it sounds like we have
our own suicide cluster right here in Maine, except they're men from
the same unit: Joel Tobias's unit. That sounds like more than a
cluster to me. That sounds like a conspiracy . . .


Jane Doh said...

I think it more than "sounds" like a conspiracy. Are the authorities saying anything about possible foul play?

I don't like the cut of that joeltob's jib at all, and I'm not afraid to say so.

Jacks said...

I have to agree with Jane Doh, especially since Joel Tobias has been so defensive about Damien's death. Something just seems off about the whole situation.

Jimmy said...

Perhaps there's more to this than meets the eye, though.... there is something off about this whole situation, yes...

Josh Schrank said...

Damien's last name wasn't Proctor, Harold's last name was Proctor. Damien's last name was Patchett.

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