A problem


So I have a problem. Actually, let's call it a theoretical problem.
There's this theoretical guy, and this guy is a businessman, an
independent operator. His operation and my operation, they kind of
overlap: we both help people to move stuff around, and we're paid for
doing so. But this guy, this theoretical guy, he seems to be making
more money than a theoretical guy should, and this bothers me. It
might even be, and I regret having to say this, that this theoretical
guy might be engaged in illegal activities.

Now, like I said before,
I don't have a problem with anybody who feels that he has to stretch
the law a little to make a living, as long as nobody gets hurt, or
nobody I know gets hurt, but it worries me that a theoretical guy
might be doing something not strictly legal in an area that might
impact upon my own theoretical activities, if I was the kind of guy
who broke the law occasionally and moved stuff around on which, say,
US Customs might frown. Obviously, I'm not that kind of guy, even
theoretically, and if I knew about something illegal I'd feel
inclined to put a stop to it, not least because it might bring
unwanted attention down on those of us who are discreet about such
matters, if you catch my drift. Would I tell the cops? I don't
know. I might be inclined to ask around first. I told you I have
friends. They're interesting people, my friends. If I were to
express my curiosity about what this theoretical guy is doing, even
if I were to suggest that he might be engaged in smuggling of some
kind, then my friends, out of concern for the law and our mutual
wellbeing, might offer to have a talk with him. They might even take
the trouble to inspect his truck, just in case he was, in fact,
breaking the law, and then they could advise him on the steps that he
might take in order to ensure that no repercussions, legal or
otherwise, arose out of the situation.

The theoretical situation, of course. After all, we're
just talking here . . .


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