As I get older, I wonder if life becomes more complicated, or if it
just seems that way. There are cellphones out there that could
launch rockets, but give me a rotary dial anytime. I guess, at my
age, I just want the world to slow down or, if it insists on racing
along, to accept that I'm going to move at my own pace. But, hell,
this smuggling thing, and that damned Joel Tobias . . . Every time I
think that I might have found his angle - booze, money, people, drugs
- it slips away, and I'm left holding dust and air. Names keep
cropping up, and I'm having trouble just keeping track of the guy's
movements back and forth across the Canadian border. Maybe I should
get some bright kid to set up a system so I can keep track of
everything that's going on. Then again, if I do that I'll have to
keep the bright kid hostage so he can explain it to me when I fail to
understand it, but that will be his own fault for being too smart,
and too fast for my slow world...

Edit: - it's up and running.


Jacks said...

Nice site. That helps me keep track of things as well.

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